About Us


Advanced Global Industries (AGI) was found in 2004 with a capital of 5 Million Egyptian Pounds as an Egyptian Joint Stock Company specializing in the production of dairy products in powder form. Starting with one production line, AGI was able to produce about 20,280 tons annually to be able to target the business-to-business sector in the Egyptian market.
Moreover, AGI had the edge of tailoring custom products upon its customer’s requirements allowing them to choose their own combination of ingredients and its ratios.
And in less than four years, AGI was able to expand to adopt another two production lines to be able to produce 60,840 tons of final products annually to fulfill its increasing customers’ demands while preserving its products high quality and also expanding its warehouses to be able to store up to a total of 5500 tons of final products.
Now AGI is able to meet more businesses’ high expectations through out the whole Middle East and Africa regions and is aiming for future expansions in more market sectors.

beard manResearch and Development Lab

Research and Development department at AGI work in collaboration with food companies in order to develop new products,blends, innovation, formulated raw materials in order to reduce cost, overcome industrial problems or increase quality.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab

Quality control and quality assurance department which is the key factor in our success. Chemical and microbiological examinations performed according to the highly international standards.